March 17, 2020 Major Meat

The Average Tanker

6 years!

Well, we made it! World of Tanks Console hit its sixth anniversary this year and I am still playing.

There are a couple of things that come to mind on the anniversary of World of Tanks Console.

  • First, I never played another game consistently for six years.
  • Second, I have never had such a love-hate relationship with a game.

What brings me back? Why do I return to the battle again and again?

There are moments of thrilling battles where a game could go either way and rage-inducing battles where the team melts moments into competition.

The biggest thing that keeps me coming back is the friends I have made while playing. My platoon is my online family. They are there through thick and thin, no matter what.

Some of my best times in this game have had nothing to do with what is happening in game because I am part of Pork Chop Platoon. We cannot control matchmaking or which teams we are placed in, but we can depend on each other for laughs.

While we were playing a round the other night, @Janon’s headset quit and needed to recharge. We knew he was listening, but we had no idea what was going to be coming our way. You would think a guy who couldn’t talk wouldn’t have much to say, but after having a rough game a text message would come in.

“Every boat needs an anchor.”

“I pushed you all up the list.”

“See how I won that one for you.”

It got to the point we would stop our conversations just to see what would come next from @Janon.

That is what it is about, what keeps us all coming back.

The game is fun (usually) but the players are my family and that keeps me coming back.

Pork Chop Platoon doesn’t play the game to be better than everybody. We aren’t better than anybody. We play for each other. I have seen in a few short years how many people have joined up with this group of misfits whose only connections are World of Tanks and being older gamers. In the time we have been organized we have gone from one in-game platoon to two, entered contests, played in tournaments, even created our own 2v2 tank tournament. [Post coming soon!]

Really, the most fun thing for us has nothing to do with playing the official game. In Pork Chop Platoon we create custom games inside World of Tanks. We were trying to find ways to break the game and ended up with so many silly stupid things to do in tanks.

Throw your tank off a cliff and try to destroy the tier 10 heavy tanks below? We do that.

Line up two groups of super heavy tanks on a bridge and try to push each other off heavy metal sumo style? Check.

Race around a track with artillery shooting at you? Got that covered.

There are groups that want to be the best in every battle, that train all the time, that dictate what skill level is required to be a member. That is great. It is the level they want.

But I can’t imagine all that being more shear fun or having the side-splitting laughs that come from driving a tank over a cliff with the sole intent of using it as a lawn dart.

I don’t need to win anything because at the end of the day I have my community, my friends, my fellow Pigs.

And no Pig gets left behind.

Special thanks to @Deadmeat1027 and @DaveTheGreat for the post and in-game footage! Dead is one of Pork Chop Platoon’s Junior Officers and Dave is on the Senior Officer panel. Both are active tankers in the community. Look for them online.

If you are interested in enlisting in the Pig Army and being part of a premier older gamer community for the Xbox One console, click here or jump into our PCP Chat through the button at the top of the page.

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