2023 “Burn it Down” LAN is a go and tickets are on sale!

A bittersweet goodbye to Cincy, but a start of epic future LANs.

Our LAN has been in Pittsburgh, Phoenix, and for almost the last decade in Cincinnati (ok, Northern, KY).  The Cincy area has been a home away from home for our community and we have thoroughly enjoyed the area.  The gathering of our members has always made it special, but we have embraced the area and it sort of felt like our second home.

We have been to ball games, multiple breweries (props to Rheingest and I promise I will return those pint glasses!), played golf (and frolf!), went shooting, visited Sugar Tits (an actual place and not Seadog’s alias), been to Bone Lick State Park, met 3 Star Harold, ate some amazing home cooked BBQ from BigHead Joshy, met the Kilo Yankee guys, hung out with Eddie Money (RIP), almost met Vanilla Ice, and even heard a rumor of a member using a toilet and realizing he was in the wrong room.  Let us not forget Gammon’s clothing changes, drives with Tucks, Mac and Sonic, rooming with Dr. K, minivan Coffee with Tahoe, White Castle with Sandman, adult toy saleswomen at the Reds game, wiener dogs and super loud air conditioners, and so much more.  Man…it will be tough to call some place else “home”.

Sometimes change is good and even if it is largely inspired by the Hilton quadrupling our rates.

New locations are exciting, but in the end it is about the friends that gather together.  Nashville, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, St. Louis, Denver…wherever.

My favorite memory is and always will be meeting Wipsy and sharing a beer with him.  Just chatting about anything.  I have learned a lot from him over the years and can honestly say I love the man.

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