December 13, 2023 Major Meat

Honoring WIPSY, Memorial Gathering

Our good friend, Father, and Grandfather, ‘Uncle’ Wipsy passed away this week. This is a great loss for PCP and everyone who knew him. His wisdom and care are felt and will always be at the core of what PCP represents. A very sad day indeed. We can’t pay our respects in person with his family over there in lush green Ireland but we can at least console each other, his PCP family, online and regale in the memories we will carry forward with us.

As is tradition here at PCP, we honor those fallen members by representing them in our Clan Tag. If you are playing a game that allows custom Clan Tags, please wear (WPSY) with dignity.

Please join me and your PCP family in the Discord PCP Voice Chat channel starting at 9pm ET this Friday night, Dec. 15th.

Using the Discord Voice chat will enable more than just 18 people to get in and allow for chatting with those who can not be near their console or those who don’t have Xbox anymore.

Invite Link directly to chat for those you know may need to get in that aren’t already in our Discord –

If you haven’t already set up Discord chat on the Xbox, all you have to do is Link the two accounts in-app or on the desktop. It’s super simple now and everyone should have it.


With Condolences,


Community manager


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