May 3, 2021 Major Meat

Fisto de Mayo 11th year Celebration starts 5/5! (Schedule inside)

11 years!

For new members or those of you just now stumbling across our site,  FISTO de Mayo is the celebration of the anniversary we collectively stepped away from 2old2play as a clan and logged in to as a Community. 11 years of celebrating our independence. I think every year is important when thinking about Fisto. So much has happened during the decade-plus of time that has passed since that fateful day. Most importantly good times have been had throughout all the change. I can close my eyes and almost hear all the voices throughout the years screaming ‘FISTO!’ into their headsets during our many events celebrating the day we raised our Fists to the sky, possibly with beer in hand, letting naysayers know we were here to stay! PCP4Life.

With that said, let’s do it all again! The celebration schedule is below. Try to make it out to a few events, even if you can’t play, pop into the Party Chats that will be open at the same time of the scheduled game to say ‘Hi’, shoot the breeze, and maybe add some new/old Pigs to your Friends list.

FISTO Schedule –

(times are dynamic to your Time Zone)

 May 5, 2021 8:00 PM Weds (Actual day of Fisto) –

  • #WNBF -Our traditional BFV Weds. Gaming Night (Host – @s4bersun)
  • COD:MW Custom Fisto Games -Classic PCP custom matches on a special night! *Be sure to update MW’s multiplayer portion of the game beforehand, may have to try a few times until it launches. (Host – Phlipups)

 May 6, 2021 8:00 PM Thurs. –

  • Gears 5 Custom Games -Fisting with a Chainsaw Rifle (Host – Phlipups)

 May 7, 2021 8:00 PM Friday –

  • FISTO WreckFest Community Night -This has been an incredibly popular event recently. Who doesn’t like to crash on purpose with a drink in hand to the glorious sounds of twisting metal?! It only made sense to feature it in our traditional Friday Community Night slot to bring everyone across games together. WreckFest is a GamePass game. (Host – @Adderall_XL)

 May 8, 2021 8:00 PM SAT. –

  • BFV Mixer – It’s been a while since we’ve had a BF mixer and we couldn’t have found a more appropriate group to play with during our FISTO Celebration… the Hammer Fisters! Yes, that’s their name and we can’t wait to get some games in with them. Join Party Chat to be directed to the correct Private Server. (Host – @s4bersun )

 May 9, 2021 2:00 PM SUN. –

  • FISTO HomeRun Derby! – “Who wants to see me hit some Dingers?!” – Another GamePass game, MLB The Show ’21 has a Home Run Derby mode and it’s fantastic for a group to play. *No experience needed, just make sure you go through the initial setup of the game and you’ll be good to go. The Derby is simple, just wait for the pitch and mash ‘X’. It’s fun and matches go fast. Everyone gets the same pitch on their screen at that same time but you get to see everyone’s knock into the bleachers along with yours, most Homers win! (Host – @Brochacho2 )

Here’s to a great week of Evens to come!



Phlipups Community Manager