December 31, 2020 Major Meat

Pork Chop Platoon Gives Back… Thanks to our Members!

The Pork Chop Platoon is ending 2020 on a high note!  

Thanks to our ‘LANdemic’, which was a Virtual LAN in place of our annual in-person LAN, a 4-day Fundraising gaming event from August we have donated monies to the following charities!  Selecting charities or even a charity is very difficult. We want to see that as much of every dollar goes to the charity and does not have a ton of overhead that eats in to the donations.  So, Phlipups, Cougars Down, and Slee researched charities that were relevant to the pandemic, benefitted veterans, as well as charities that we can all relate to, and we think we have accomplished that.

We have donated $200 each to the following highly-rated charities: – Really great and growing organization where veterans are assisting with natural disasters as well as the pandemic. – (this donation was triple matched so it is like we donated $600!) We all have a soft spot for our 4 legged friends and it seems like shelters are being taxed. We’ve heard of an uptick in adoptions which is great news.

Thanks to all and to all a Happy New Year!