May 4, 2020 Major Meat

Weeklong Community Events Celebrating PCP Independence! 5/5/20

The 10th FISTO de Mayo! Fisto X!

PCP has two big anniversaries in which we celebrate yearly. The first in December, Clanniversary, is the anniversary of our creation from a little twitch in Slee and Lord ‘s brains to becoming a reality, and the 2nd is Fisto de Mayo! This Fisto we celebrate TEN YEARS of being ‘on our own’ when we were only given 6 months. Seems like we ‘made it’ to me. We have indeed grew and thrived not just survived, thanks to our great members here! I expect us all to have the Tattoo above before the weekend is over!

For some history, Fisto de Mayo is the celebration of when the members of Pork Chop Platoon collectively left a larger gaming clan and logged into our very own website and forums.  We raised our fists and became independent, it just so happened to be May the 5th and so the saying Fisto de Mayo was born.

The Week’s schedule is below, please join in on the event activities, send invites, squad up! Celebrate Pork Chop Platoon as it should be, raise a Fist to the sky and declare, FISTO!!!

Pre-game celebration Event-

  • Tonight 5/4 – May the 4th be with You! Star Wars BattleFront 2 Triple XP (Squad Up)

FISTO Celebration Events!

  • Tues. 5/5 (The actual date of Fisto de Mayo)Call of Duty: MW Custom Games @9pmET (Host – Slee )
  • Weds. 5/6 – Special #WNBF Fisto edition of BFV @9pmET (Host – s4bersun )
  • Thurs. 5/7HALO 5 Forge Custom Games @9pmET (Host – drkillinger )
  • Fri. 5/8World of Tanks Custom Games @9pmET (Host team – Jeffahern & Harley_Quinn6183 )
    •  Late night COD:MW Customs @10:30pmET (Host – Phlipups)
  • Sat. 5/9 – Quad Squads > There are so many titles currently that break down into Squads of 4.
    -This is your time to group up and Squad up in games like The Division 2, Ghost Recon, or RB6 Siege, or in COD:Warzone/groundwar, PUBG*, Apex_Legends (trios), BFV Firestorm, or Destiny1/2,  etc

    • *Maybe we’ll have enough gather up in PUBG to carry out some impromptu Custom game chaos with the 100 player servers, 10v10 teams!

Enjoy the week’s events and here’s to ‘XX’!