December 3, 2019 Major Meat

Communityniversary! Celebrating 12 YEARS!~ Schedule 12/5-8

12 Years of Pork Chop Platoon! I remember when we hit 5 years, then 6, we thought those were big deals and now we are hitting 12! A revamped forums, returning members, many new Recruits, a fantastic return to form for COD, a plethora of other titles to choose from, great game nights, many members gathering and playing together, and even easier ways to share those moments… the list goes on! I feel like we are entering another Golden age of PCP. Here’s to another 12… NO scratch that… Another 100! PCP4Life!

Let’s all get together this week and Celebrate Communityniversary like only we can!!!

Schedule of Events is –

Thurs.  December 5, 2019 9PM ET –

  • BFV – the Community Games patch should release before this date which is their version of Private matches. If so, that’s where we’ll be. (Hosts to Party up with – ducatirican Mishkin37 Phlipups )

Friday  December 6, 2019 9PM ET –

  • COD MW Customs – All the traditional fun a member of PCP can have! Multiple Hosted lobbies (Hosts – Phlipups Slee Disneynut68 )

Saturday, The Actual Date of Communityniversary!

 December 7, 2019 9PM ET –

  • PUBG Custom Matches – Unique games within a PCPvPCP server as well as 10v10 games! Let’s fill a server of 100! Reminder this game is available with GamePass. (Host – Slee )

 December 7, 2019 10PM ET

  • World of TANKS Custom Games – These are classic gametypes that are a blast to play and nowhere else can you lawndart a Tank! (Host – DeAtHtAsTiC93 )

Sunday  December 8, 2019 9PM ET

  • HALO 5 Custom Forge Games – Wrapping up the festivities are some the most unique and wackiest modes that can be loaded up, all in Halo 5 forge Private matches. (Host – Phlipups )


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