November 26, 2019 Major Meat

Community Night 11/29 Schedule

Happy Thanksgiving to all our U.S. members! Hope you have a fun, relaxing and safe Holiday.

With a lot of our members taking time to travel to see and spend time with family, we’ll be taking a break for a week from MW custom games and roll with something a little different.

Please join me and your fellow Gears lovin’ Pigs for some Gears 5 customs! Let’s fill up a lobby for some brutal PCPvPCP chainsaw action. Along with this there will also be 2XP boost active for the weekend and a special playlist that includes the CLUCK-Shot, a chicken shooting Boomshot! How crazy is that!? And if you Active reload it the chicken will lay down exploding eggs as it flies through the air! Just something a little fun to change things up. Cluck it up!

As a reminder Gears 5 is available to all GamePass members. Not into Gears and still want your COD fix? Well, rumor is that this weekend will be a 2XP weekend for MW which will hopefully include 2xWeaponXP also. So squad up and rake in the points.

With all that there is even more exciting events coming your way! CLANNIVERSARY is almost upon us! Mark your calendars as there will be Communityniversary events from Thursday 12/5- Sunday 12/8 to celebrate 12 Years of the Pork Chop Platoon community! Official Schedule will be released later this week, be on the lookout!

11/29 Schedule

Gears 5 Custom games/Pubs @10:30pm ET (HOST – Phlipups)