July 3, 2019 Major Meat

Community Night 7/12 Schedule

Let’s try this again-

PUBG adding some nice quality of life changes to the game, make sure you’re updated and give them a whirl. A new controller config for a different way to activate Leans, and the big one here is.. Auto-equip! Yes attachments will now pop right onto your weapon without having to get your sweaty hands all over it, smudging up the lens of that new 4x you just found. No better way to get used to the new settings and game mechanics than to play some Customs! Customs, where stats don’t matter and there’s always a good time to be had! Join SLEE who will host a evening of Custom chaos as well as walk anyone through the changes, game tactics, or any other questions you may have about PUBG.


7/12 Schedule
PUBG Customs (Host- SLEE) @9pm ET


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