March 12, 2018 Major Meat

South of Pochinki: What Happens Here, Stays Here (Most of the Time)


South of Pochinki is a new series with strategies and stories of   PUBG as told by members of the Pork Chop Platoon community.
‘What happens in Pochinki, stays in Ponchinki’                                                  By Furious – PCP member since 2014


That is the saying that I’ve always heard but some stories are worth telling if only as a word of caution.

I go by the call out of Furious, and I am about to tell you about a little trip to Pochinki with my duo partner Name list Error.
Erangel can be a pretty rough place. On this day that was the case. As the plane is flying high on a beautiful sunny day over Erangel, I pull out my map thinking about where to jump… “Pochinki?” I hear Name ask. “Sounds good to me,” I agreed. See, Name and I have a system; every drop will either be Pochinki, or Razhok. That’s the price we pay for being savages. Drop Hot, and get the loot we need to get that chicken dinner. You only know how sweet that chicken dinner is, if you have had the luck to taste it. This flight just so happens to be going straight over the old Pochink. Time comes to jump, and we are out. Straight down at maximum speed, the G force of the drop is making my face feel as though the flesh is being pulled off. I already know that Name will be dropping at the Old Church, and I am heading for the northeast part of town. This is a tactic we feel comfortable with. We loot until we meet in the middle of Pochinki; it’s what we always do. On this day we are not alone. I see at least 9 other combatants dropping into Pochinki with us. I have already hit eight, or nine houses when I hear Name cursing at the enemy combatant that just took his life. “I gotta go man” Name exclaims. Now those 4 words are enough to make your heart sink into the pit of your stomach. All by yourself, with no other eyes watching your back, in a town with more hostiles than I care to deal with.

Seconds pass, I am struggling to find a weapon. I finally come across an Ump. In the next room I find a silencer for my Ump. On the second story I find a red dot, and an extended mag. I now have a fully kitted Ump. Level 2 armor, backpack, and vest. Time to go hunt that sorry SOB that killed my partner. As I come down the stairs I can hear foots steps running toward my position. The door opens, and in runs a guy swinging a crow bar like a mad man. I take position on the stairs, and open fire. He never even knew where I was. I check his loot box. Not a damn thing! I start to head towards the west part of town where Name’s life was cut short. I can hear someone looting the building I am outside of. I take position at the window directly in front of the stairs, and play the waiting game. I see the guy at the top of the stairs, and pull the trigger. Knocked him without taking any fire. I proceed around to the other side of the building to come in the back door. My heart is beating in my chest as I open that door. I can now hear his mate running up the stairs to revive him. I down an energy drink, and head in. I know I only have 5 seconds left to make my move, and murder the guy before his partner is back up on his feet. I come around to the stairs, and right at the top of the stairs he sits reviving his cohort. I take aim, and fire. 3 down, time to loot. Level three helmet, level 3 backpack, a full kitted M4, meds, and boosters for days.

Finally take a look at my minimap, and I see that the dreaded BLUE is coming in to take as many lives as it can. I start to run southeast towards the play zone. I get about 300 meters before I start taking fire. Miss after miss I just keep running to cover. I can’t see this guy anywhere, and I know I’m not hearing a Kar-98 firing. I see a UAZ in the distance. Check my map… 150 meters out, and right in front of the school. I run from cover to cover still taking fire. I get to the UAZ still at full health, but as I go to get in all hell breaks loose. I am now under heavy fire from 3, or 4 locations as I enter the vehicle. Shot after shot hitting the vehicle, and then I hear it…. TING… TING… TING… There goes my level 3 helmet… I mash the accelerator, and hit the juice. It can’t end like this… It can’t… I finally take the fatal head shot from a nearby M4.  BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME… 26TH PLACE appears as I watch the blood stained UAZ come rolling to a stop.

Even though I didn’t get to taste that sweet chicken dinner this time. I know as I squad up with Pigs there will be another round, and that next chicken dinner will come. With the ups, and the downs, I always know in my heart that the only thing that I really want is PUBG with my fellow Pigs.