March 15, 2018 Major Meat

South of Pochinki : Close, but No Cigar


South of Pochinki is a new series with strategies and stories of   PUBG as told by members of the Pork Chop Platoon community.


So Close but No Cigar  by  Cynabear – PCP member since 2015

So there I was dropping just east of downtown Roz… We have all been there. A little run down compound with a few shacks and a Dacia garage. Someone drops down onto the roof of the three-story garage beneath me. Did he see me? Maybe, who knows? He ducks down inside and presumably starts looting. I drop into the two-story barn and look around. Level 2 vest, boom! Level 1 helmet right next to it!! One room over I find an auto shotgun and 20 rounds. This is the sign. I load up and jump out the back looking for my prey. Two two-story houses are between me and where he had landed. He has to be out of that three-story by now right?? Which one…. I take a gamble and skip the near house and enter the rear of the far house. I check both bottom rooms and come up empty. Then…. steps upstairs!!! But it’s too late he knows I am here with the noise of doors opening in the rooms down here… I charge the steps and a grenade rolls past me!! I push forward as fast as I can and barely avoid the flash bang that detonates behind me. Then I see my prey. We make eye contact and I clearly see that the flash bang was all he found. He can see the intent in my eyes. I had one goal…. putting him down… he turns and runs into the only inescapable room frantically looking for anything. The poor bastard actually tried to pick up a crowbar from the floor. I level my shotgun and mercifully end it with a single burst to his head. He collapses on the floor in a heap. I open the door next to him and see a shiny m4 on the floor with 90 rounds lying next to it… I smile broadly as I pick it up and start kitting it out, all the while thinking to myself: “so close buddy, so close.”