May 2, 2022 Major Meat

Fisto de Mayo 2022 Celebration! 5/4-5/7; Schedule inside

It’s that time of year again!

FISTO de Mayo!

PCP has two big anniversaries in which we celebrate yearly. The first in December, Clanniversary, is the anniversary of our creation from a little twitch in @Slee and @Lord ‘s brains to becoming a reality and the 2nd is Fisto de Mayo! For those new here wondering, what this is all about… FISTO is the celebration of the anniversary we collectively stepped away from 2old2play as a clan and logged in to as a Community. 12 years of celebrating our independence. I think every year is important when thinking about Fisto. So much has happened during the decade-plus of time that has passed since that fateful day. Most importantly good times have been had throughout all the change. I can close my eyes and almost hear all the voices throughout the years screaming ‘FISTO!‘ into their headsets during our many events celebrating the day we raised our Fists to the sky, possibly with beer in hand, letting naysayers know, we were here to stay! PCP4Life

With that said, let’s do it all again! The celebration schedule is below. Try to make it out to a few events, even if you can’t play, pop into the Party Chats that will be open at the same time of the scheduled game to say ‘Hi’, shoot the breeze, and maybe add some new/old Pigs to your Friends list.

For some further history, Slee explains it best here, there’s also a ton of info and past event schedules if you do a search for Fisto you can dive deeper down the rabbit hole, –

The Week’s schedule is below, please join in on the event activities, send invites, squad up! Celebrate Pork Chop Platoon as it should be, raise a Fist to the sky and declare, FISTO!!!

*FISTO Celebration Events!*

My 4th, Weds –

  • #WNBF-Our traditional BattleField Weds. Gaming Night opens up the celebration! Watch the Battlefield Discord for which BF title will be played, either BF1 or BFV (Host – @s4bersun)
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II – Pew pew for Star Wars day. (Host – Phlipups)

May 5th (Actual Date of Fisto!) Thurs.-

  • FISTO WreckFest! -This has been an incredibly popular event. Who doesn’t like to crash on purpose with a drink in hand to the glorious sounds of twisting metal?! It only made sense to feature it on Fisto de Mayo itself to bring everyone across games together. WreckFest is a GamePass game. (Host – @Adderall_XL)

May 6th, FRI. –

  • HALO Infinite Custom Games – It’s like Fisto except with a Plasma Sword. 343 is releasing the Season 2 update just in time for Fisto! They’ll be a new map and modes for me to change in settings all for your.. cough cough, enjoyment. 😉 (Host – @Phlipups )

Mat 7th, SAT. –

  • FISTO Quad Squads > There are so many titles currently that break down into Squads of 4.
    -This is your time to group up and Squad up in games like; The Division 2, Extraction, or RB6 Siege, COD: Warzone, PUBG *, Apex_Legends(trios) Halo, or @Destiny 2!
  • *Side goal would be to gather enough up in PUBG to carry out some impromptu Custom games chaos! PUBG is Free2Play so download and work through the tutorial/training beforehand. Custom server settings are a blast!*

Here’s to a great week of Events to come!