August 16, 2021 Major Meat

My First Time Dodging (an eventually killing) Zombies on DAYZ

Please note that this was written about three weeks ago, but I thought it would post it anyway.  My next post will have much more feedback as I have played this game almost exclusively since the initial blog post.  So while there is more to come there is this…..


Jdog was bugging us to try DayZ as several of us had played PUBG on a regular basis for the better part of two years.  After a quick download I spent a few minutes on it and other than it looking like PUBG, I had no idea what the heck I was supposed to do.  After a few apples eaten and a decent backpack was found we really started getting in to this game.  Now we were on our own private server so at least the fear of being “ganked” was eliminated.  ChrisW set up our server with a constant spawn point if you were to get killed and added 6X the loot to make the learning process that much easier.  Now we have “camps” through the middle of the map as we ventured further away in hopes of finding a car (that does not overheat!  lol…of, maybe it was the driver…) and some better loot.

So I decided to join a public server after putting several hours in to our private server and it is a huge difference. That apple you start with has to sustain you through the spawn on the coast because there is no loot to be found.  I hear there is, but I kept starving to death or getting killed by a zombie. After dying several (and I mean SEVERAL) times I decided to find some basics and just run north as quickly as I can. I barely made it to a small town and just dipped in and out of houses quickly.  Fortunately I found a “Jdog” (aka apple orchard) and loaded up an apples and dried pears and was able to beat down a few zombies with frying pan.

Now I we use party chat when we play so I noticed the VOIP chat option which is proximity based.  I randomly throughout some party invites to some randoms on the server and got in to a party chat with two players.  They said on the public server the game is really about getting gear and finding some people to squad up with. Oh, and that this game is even more cutthroat than I originally imagined.  When you get killed and respawn you have zero. Nothing. So they build bases and were very familiar with the map so they could easily find their way to some quick loot.  But they, like many others that have grouped up, have a base hidden in the woods.  As they approached it while chatting with me they had noticed  theirs had been raided and their car (cars are super hard to find or repair if you do find one that is operational) had been stolen.  I’m thinking…that is awesome…lol…but they were pretty upset though not as much as I would be.  I guess it the nature of the game.

I guess I thought the game was about survival and only douches will gank noobs and take their stuff, but I guess I was wrong.  Pretty much anyone will do it.

My first experience with a random was actually pretty funny.  I was in a house and this other player ran in the house I was in. We stared at each other and I noticed he was bleeding profusely so I back away so he could heal.  i also took the pipe out of my backpack because he was pretty easy prey if he came at me.  Next thing I know he runs out of the house, not trusting that I was probably as worried at him as he was about me, and a zombie is chasing him down the road while he was bleeding all over the place.

I literally almost pissed my pants laughing at what happened.

I’m am definitely having fun creeping around dodging zombies and looking for some better gear and searching this huge map. Now that I have a compass and some guns (that are super annoying to load lol) it is a lot more interesting. I have yet to craft anything and want to give that a try. Even building a fire would be interesting.  You can find cougar building tents, Jdog trying to open his open own apple orchard or me wandering around looking for the damn water pump in town.  Jump in with us anytime!  I’d like to go to a public server more often (you have to go out and get loot first) and snoop around and see what happens. Gun fights apparently are scary because there is no radar or anything and it is pretty easy to flank etc.

One thing is true…do not fall in love with your loot as you will die, likely through some infection and starvation, and loot is plentiful enough to start over and go out on some new adventures.

See you online,


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