March 23, 2021 Major Meat

So I thought I would start a blog…

While not a wordsmith, I felt compelled to add content to our main page to provide some insight into the goings on of our community.  It may involve some gaming night recaps, an occasional interview with a member or friend of the Pig Army, and anything else that comes to mind as related to an older Xbox console gamer’s perspective.

My first post is really just an introduction to this section of our site and I suppose a bit about me.  Recently, I had recovered from, what I considered, to be a fairly mild case of Covid-19 and on my last day of quarantine I got laid off from a failing company before it went under.  So some light at the end of both tunnels I suppose.  Not to be preachy, but get tested if you even think you have the virus.  Scary stuff.  The job thing worked out sort of perfectly as my wife and I wanted to start a business so I will take this time to see if we can’t get it off the ground.

Back to a little history of The Pork Chop Platoon, which I think has been and continues to be the premier online community for the older gamer on Xbox consoles, I met our co-founder, Lord Kerdaq on a large older gamer website 14 years ago.  We were part of a Halo clan at the time as it had been the top online FPS series since it released for the original Xbox.  Things changed a bit after we played the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare beta, realizing that this could be the new face of FPS online multiplayer gaming, we created a new Clan based around the upcoming game.  We grew faster than we imagined so we broke off, created our own website, and started the “Pork Chop Platoon”,  which was the nickname of the United States Marine Corp’s Physical Conditioning Platoon.  The name seemed fitting as we were playing a military shooter while sitting around all night gaming more than likely warranted some conditioning.  We sometimes refer to ourselves as “PCP” or the “Pig Army”.

With Modern Warfare as our catalyst, we witnessed tremendous growth which was more than we could handle so we brought in some much-needed assistance.  The two people that jumped out to us who would quickly bolster our staff were PowerMacAttack and Wipsy.  Their pragmatic approach to community management really fit with our ideals.  We were then fortunate to find Lt Dan and Phlipups.

Dan may not like to hear this, but he is super bright and invaluable to us and without him we would not be here.  He has created several different updates to our forums for us (Discourse is amazing by the way), email system, Discord channels, and this current site.  Phlipups is our Community Manager and really oversees all aspects of our community including recruitment, social media, weekly community nights, and forum management.  He also has created a lot of the graphics you may see around here.

This is my initial post and I will try to keep some content flowing and give a peek in to our community and maybe some War Zone shenanigans with Dr. K, Tahoe, DavetheGreat (Dave’s not here, man), Bohica, Flatlined, Jdog and Cougar.  There are lots of others but at 50 I need a nap to think of them all.

If interested in joining an Xbox console based online community for older and sometimes mature gamer please email us at admin@ or simply click the link to our forum button on the top of this page to enlist.  You can also DM us on Twitter or on Facebook or join our recruitment/mixer Discord channel, again at the top button labeled PCP chat to inquire further.

If you are a part of an older gamer community please reach out to us if you would like to schedule a mixer.  We are no longer exclusively a shooter clan but a large community playing all of the popular titles.   An old person Wreckfest mixer anyone?