July 25, 2020 Major Meat

The 2020 PCP Virtual LANdemic


Our 12th (yes 12!) annual LAN party will be going virtual amidst the current pandemic.  It was a tough, yet not so tough I suppose, decision to forgo this year’s event due to very serious concerns about the safety of our members and their families.  While we could not meet in person, we felt it was important to reconnect with each other in a safe and very social way.  That is how the idea of a virtual LAN during a pandemic…a LANdemic…came to be!

In order to have the LANdemic have that in person LAN “feel” we are going to keep the basic schedule of events the same and on the same days of our traditional LAN.


The tentative LANdemic Schedule

Golf will be moved to Xbox Live.  Sign your foursome up in the forums this week.

Limo Bus brewery tour (damn, that is such a great time) will move to a cocktail event and perhaps a BYOM (Bring Your Own Microbrew) event on Zoom.  This may merge with our “Adult Beverage” event that seems to grow each year as word quickly made its way around our conference room.

LAN Noob ceremony-this will be obviously be difficult to replicate, but n00bs will be put through the virtual wringer to earn their stripes.  Cannot post the details of this ceremony here 😊.

Big Head Joshy’s famous BBQ will have to wait until next year though we will welcome footage in our Zoom channel of those that wish to show off their BBQ skills on that Saturday.


Still working on the schedule so we will be updating the above soon!


Tickets are on sale now for the event with all profits being donated to a charity of our members’ choice.  If you have suggestions for a charity please do not hesitate to message us on the forums, Discord, or message Slee directly here.  The tickets that are currently on sale on www.porkchopplatoon.com are as follows:

The Elite Ticket-A special edition full color (first time ever!) tee shirt commemorating the virtual LAN, 2 custom Pork Chop Platoon face coverings, and pandemic themed Major Meat beer coozie.  Limited production on these items so get your ticket purchased sooner than later!

The Gold Ticket- A special edition full color (first time ever!) tee shirt commemorating the virtual LAN.

A special thanks to Phlipups, Cougars Down and Habu for their efforts in designing and having these items made and eventually shipped all over the US and Canada…..and Ireland 😉 !


Hope this post finds you and your family safe and healthy.




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