March 6, 2020 Slee

Path of Exile

Great post from the PCP Forums from our own F1at1ined

So, I am sure most of you may have heard about Path of Exile, and may also know its now on consoles in addition to the PC.  You may also have heard its free to play.  Here’s what you may not know about PoE.

Its basically everything Diablo teased you with, but magnified ten fold.  A huge and deep skill customizing tree to build your Exile however you wish to.  Established and vast end game content.  Lots of lots of gear and loot drops.  Lots of killing of monsters.  Fun quests (which basically usually involve lots of killing and a boss fight or two), a pretty ridiculous variety of ways to farm for drops/currency/mats and lots of lots of gear and loot drops. Lots of killing of monsters.

With 6 initial classes (and one more unlocked in Act 3), it gives you 7 classes for your Exile.  You can have multiple characters.  You share a shared bank stash with all your characters.  Try them all out and find what suits you.

What makes PoE special is its re-playability coupled with its end game content.  They offer ‘Leagues’ which run for 3 months and they then roll out a new one.  Each league EVERYONE starts over with fresh new characters but each league introduces different mechanics, new gear or drops, new fights etc.  You will not grow tired of killing and finding that new unique piece, or shopping on the trading board to find that one item to improve your build and DPS.

I am playing it with TRDL and donchristo1 currently, and having a blast.  We are all excited for the new league to start so we can get in on the ground floor.  If anyone is at all interested, we’d be happy to share our limited but fast growing knowledge about this game.  We seriously stumbled around a lot learning this game, but are enjoying it immensely, and finding new tricks and drinking in as much knowledge as possible.  There is a ton of resources online as well about viable builds, gear suggestions etc., so people who may have enjoyed some aspects of MMORPGs like WoW may enjoy the gear farming and skill building aspect offered by these games (not to mention the crafting, collecting and exploration offered by this one).

If you loved Diablo, you will LOVE Path of Exile.  A caveat – there is almost NO chance you will NOT want to invest in some ways to cosmetically improve your character or increase your bank stash.  You get so much gear and different items you will want more space.  Luckily they run a lot of sales on these items and its always good to support devs who put out such a great content over and over again for zero subscription.  You don’t need to pay a cent if you are fine not hoarding gear but I think you all would be happy to reward this dev for their efforts.

For anyone who used to run with us in Borderlands, we run PoE in much the same way. This game may even be better, as you can have a larger party (I believe up to 6) and there’s so much to do solo it means you don’t feel like you cant enjoy some aspect of this game if you’re waiting for members to show up online.

Oh – and if you’re wondering what happens to your Exiles when a league ends?  They are retired to Standard league play.  You lose nothing.  All your bank gear and equipped gear moves to Standard so you can keep playing in there.  However, the new leagues are so cool chances are you will love making new toons for each new league, and be happy to keep your favorites in Standard league.  As far as I know, Standard is basically the normal default league, and all your League characters will end up here to be accessed and played if you so choose in Standard.

Shoot us a FR or msg online if you’re interested, or just jump into any party chat we have going on.  Again, these leagues level the playing field, so no crazy length of time is needed to catch up.  Levelling up to 100 isn’t a year long commitment.

@TRDL, @donchristo1 and @F1at1ined.  Hopefully we will see you in Wraeclast!