March 20, 2020 Major Meat

Community Night 3/20 – Spending the Quarantine in the Gulag

Warzone mode has definitely taken off with our members and has brought even more members back to the COD realm to try out this great COD-centric Battle Royale. Some members have even stated they’ll be purchasing the full game after playing Warzone, enjoying what they’ve played so far, which is good news all around.

I realize that Warzone is just about everyone’s recent jam and what people will gravitate to currently. With that said we will be running a Community Night lobby as we did last week… play some Customs, share some laughs, and then break down into trios to strive to acquire that coveted helicopter ride off into the sunset to be #1!

As always I spam my FL with anyone in COD to come join in the fun but I can’t tell who has the Full game and who just has Warzone. Sorry to bother those without the full game and appreciate the messages back letting me know that. To remedy the situation, all you need to do is to, go to the Xbox store and purchase the full game, you will then get to join in on the chaotic laughter and fun of a Friday Night Customs Lobby! J/k, kinda.  😉

All kidding aside,  the situation North America and the World sees itself in due to the COVID-19 virus is a serious one.  Please heed the advice and guidelines of your County and State’s mandates and stay safe.

The Pork Chop Platoon is always here for our members, whether it is to lend an ear, talk through things, or just getting together to play online video games to put all your worries aside for the time being.  Just because we have to practice Social Distancing or self-quarantine to combat this virus doesn’t mean our socialization has to be put on hold.  Never been a better time to get together online than now.


3/20 Schedule

COD:MW Customs / Warzone @ 10:15pm ET (Host – Phlipups)


Community Manager