November 7, 2019 Major Meat

Community Night 11/8 Schedule

Last week was a blast and a half getting back to the dirty of COD Custom games! As someone else said in a previous thread, it’s starting to feel a lot like 2010 up in here, so let’s just keep it rolling with some more Modern Warfare! Please join me and your fellow COD lovin’ Pigs this Friday night for the games, banter and laughter that are only had with a room full of RPG overload.

I promise my Xbox won’t blow up this time… or at least that’s the deal I made with you know who. :japanese_ogre: Again a special thanks to @DeAtHtAsTiC93 and @Slee for covering my rear. I am sure they will be in attendance again, willing and ready to open overflow lobbies when needed. If lobby/game is full don’t hesitate to message someone on XBL or ping one of us on Discord to open up more space.

Disclaimer: we will be using the in-game chat to avoid issues until patches are released fixing problems with Party chat and MW. So just JUMP IN!

11/8 Schedule-

COD: MW Custom Games @ 9:30pm ET (HOST – Phlipups)


Community Manager