August 9, 2019 Major Meat

Community Night 8/9 – LAN Mixer!

That’s Right, LAN is underway! For those of us who couldn’t make it to LAN the 2nd best thing is playing with members that are at LAN, being able to hear the chaos through their headsets is always a hoot! With so many games played at LAN and during the year for that matter, it’s hard to find the one title we can all meet up on but I think a good middle ground and something a lot of members have access to with Game Pass is Halo 5. Its also a game that has the best Custom games to encourage the most laughter out of those tipsy LAN goers. Join me for some HALO goodness starting Late night to hopefully catch the LAN goers as they get back from the pub crawl.

Don’t believe me?!  Here’s our LAN twitch feed –

Also be on the look out for LAN attendees playing online all weekend long. Jump into their games to say hello and share in the good times!

8/9 Schedule

HALO 5 Custom Games for LAN Goers and those of us there in spirit @ 11pm ET (HOST – Phlipups)

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