There’s two events happening this weekend that members should try to take advantage of…

First up is that the PTS of PUBG has been updated with the latest, soon to be released on the stable build, update! This update will now include the Pinging system, the Deagle, and exploding Gas Cans, plus much more! Should be good times! There’s even incentives to go along with your playtime. PUBG Corp talks about those here – PUBG

Secondly, the final Gears 5 MP Tech Test starts on the 26th and runs all weekend which is now open to all Gold subscribers! Many fan favorite MP modes are available to play. This also comes with an incentive, the Wreath Bloodspray, which can be earned by completing one match during the Tech Test from 5:30 – 6:30 pm PDT on Friday, July 26. There’s also the Tour of Duty item unlocking system similar to Apex or Fortnite passes but included with the Tech Test for free.
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Due to the nature of these Tests and the smaller Squad sizes inherent there will be no Host assigned, so Squad up with like-minded test takers throughout the weekend!