January 21, 2021 The Average Tanker

PCP Tanker Spotlight 2


Erin, 38, “Lady” Gamer. Started playing WoT 7 years ago now. Shared an account with hubby until I realized I loved it and I made him get his own account.

Was a closet nerd until my 20s playing PC games as a little kid. Leisure Suit Larry anyone? I went from MMORPGs from 17 years old until I found tanks in 2014. Haven’t looked back.

I was always playing alone until I decided to look up how to find a clan. First one I found said 25 and older and 4 years later here I am. I’ve managed to equally and lovingly harass all the friends I’ve made here. And I do consider most real genuine friends.


My favorite tanks:

American Tier 3  Sexton 1 Artillery:

No surprise here boys. My favorite is a toss up but the winner is the Sexton. Anytime I’m on a losing streak and need a reminder I’m a badass I play this tank. Win or lose dropping non stop annoying hate bombs is extremely gratifying.

American Tier 9 Tank Destroyer:

Second but very close is my dear T95. She is kinda chunky and slow but when she rolls around a corner, even a tier 10 tank has some sense of dread. She’s accurate and sneaky like a ninja. I fell in love with this game by playing one round as an AT2 and one as a tier 3 arty. The T95 reminds me so much of my love of that lil AT2 rolling up like a beefy turtle of hate.


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