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  • Some tanking basics

    Since there are quite a few people picking this up, I thought I'd post a few links to useful vids, etc. WoT is a very realistic game, as video games go. But a lot of people seem to think that WoT is CoD with tanks. It isn't.

    Most common things heard in game chat, paraphrased to protect innocent ears, when things are going badly:

    - How can I be spotted? I can't see anything!
    - Why am I bouncing?
    - That guy pens me every time, but I always bounce!
    - There's no way that guy could have seen me!
    - How can I be getting shot, I'm not spotted?
    - How did I miss?
    - We're bottom tier, we're screwed.

    There are answers for all of these questions either on the PCP forums, YouTube and the WoT wiki. The game is not rigged, but it can be incredibly frustrating. And I am guilty of saying all of those things I listed even though I know better.

    Some previous posts:

    Worlds of Tanks Wiki - for the PC, but essential reading if you want to get better at WoT

    How not to suck with Jingles:

    There is a Part 2 as well. Jingles' videos are very good. I highly recommend watching a few. The "You're doing it wrong" videos are especially enlightening.

    The biggest thing I see people doing that is hurting their game is playing all tanks the same way. Each type of tank in WoT has a role to play. There are some exceptions, but generally:

    - light tanks = scouting (active or passive), flanking, killing arty, killing light tanks
    - medium tanks = scouting (higher tiers), flanking
    - heavy tanks = leading a charge (assault)
    - tank destroyers (type 1 - good guns, good camo) = sniping
    - tank destroyers (type 2 - good armor) = leading a charge (assault)
    - arty = bring the rain

    If you are in a heavy tank, sitting back and sniping is not (generally) helping your team.
    If you are in a light or medium tank, YOLOing and dying in the first minute is not helping your team.
    Etc, etc.

    Going it alone almost NEVER works unless you really know what you're doing. If you are out front or on a flank on your own, get the heck out of there. Stick together and work as a team.

    Being top or bottom tier in a match does change things, but being bottom tier does NOT mean you can't do anything. It is absolutely possible to be top of the leaderboard in a bottom tier tank. But you have to change the way you play.

    Another biggie is playing every map the same way. As in, this sniper spot worked for me once, therefore it will always work.

    A couple of examples tying this back to CoD for a reference:

    - If you went to the same camping spot on every map in CoD, would you expect to live very long? If you know it's a good camping spot, so does everyone else.
    - If you are using a shotgun, would you snipe with it in CoD? Same thing in WoT. Some guns are made to snipe, some are not. Know your tank and know the gun you have equipped.

    Last, but not least, you have to consider RNG. This is probably the biggest thing that people forget. When you are playing CoD, you either hit someone or you don't. Ok, lag, etc, can come in to it, but there is no RNG, no randomness, no bullet drop, no shell velocity, etc. Hits do X damage, X hits to kill, etc.

    There is an RNG in WoT that affects:

    - Penetration
    - Accuracy
    - Damage

    Penetration is a RANGE with the stated number being the AVERAGE. Accuracy is never 100%. Your shot will go somewhere in the aiming reticle based on RNG and the size of the reticle when you shoot. If your crew is below 100%, your shots will miss wildy, a LOT. Your damage is a RANGE with the stated number being the AVERAGE. Some shots will auto bounce. Some areas of tanks have NO hit boxes - i.e. nothing will happen if you hit a tank in a no-hit area. You can do everything right and still miss. Just like RL. And that's the difference between WoT and most of the games we typically play in PCP. WoT attempts to be a simulation, not an arcade game.

    So, if you are struggling, ask yourself if you are trying to adapt to the situation or just trying the same things over and over?

    If you'd like some tips, let me know and we can platoon up.