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  • PCP Calendar Breakdown for the Week of 5/1 - FISTO de MAYO!!!!!

    Fisto de Mayo is upon us!!! It's our time to celebrate the triumph of throwing our Fists in the air and declaring our Freedom!!!!

    Check out the schedule for next week's Fisto festivities!

    Starting May 1st and going on through the following weekend we have some great gaming Events planned! Come out to celebrate with new and old clanmates alike!

    Sunday - Destiny Raiding with AngelEyez - 10am-3pmPST

    Monday - FISTO500! Forza6 racing for all the glory with MostD1sturbed1 - 9pmEST

    Tuesday - World of Tanks Private matches, 15v15, with TheSandman23k - 9pmEST

    Wednesday - The Division Dark Zone Groups, Join Ducatirican in Party Chat to be grouped up with others wanted to explore the Dark Zone. Try to group with people you may not have played with before. 9pmEST

    Wednesday - HALO5 Customs, Join Phlipups for some incredibly ridiculous Custom Private Games in the most awesomeness Halo yet - 9pmEST

    THROWBACK THURSDAY! Returning to out roots to celebrate on the actual day of Fisto, the 5th, with Customs on MW2 w/ SLEE and Blops2 w/ Phlipups - 9pmEST

    Friday is always Clan Night - This year's Fisto brings us an awesome mixer with the Lovely ladies of PMS Clan on Blops3!!! Come out to Mingle - 9pmEST Hosts - Cougars Down & Phlipups

    BF Clan Night Saturday! - BF4 is picking up again and for Fisto we'd like to fill a whole server up with just Pigs!!! 32v32 piggy action! We can do it!!!!
    BattleFront will also be happening on the same night as usual but we encourage everyone to jump between the 2 BF games to give each equal due!!!!

    That's a packed week!!!! Can't wait to start laughing, gaming and hanging out with my fellow sisters and brothers of the best community around, Pork Chop Platoon!!! Let's see those Fists!!!!!!!!